We are a California state licensed wholesale cultivator, manufacture, and distributor of cannabis and cannabis products. Our brand is found in fine licensed retail outlets throughout California.
If you own a licensed retail outlet and would like to carry our products. Please schedule an appointment and one of our sales representatives will contact you.
For our retail partners we offer an easy to use online ordering system. With this system we can forecast and track availability of our products. We can provide more accurate inventory, invoices, and delivery times.
The two most well known types of cannabis plants are Indica and Sativa. The differences between Indica dominant cannabis strains and Sativa dominant cannabis strains are many and varied.

Indica strains have a different range of effects on the body and mind than Sativa strains. Both have different medicinal benefits.

The effect of Indica is generally classified as a ‘stone’, meaning that it is more centered on the body. Indicas may enhance physical sensations such as taste, touch and sound.

The Indica effect is noted for being physically and mentally relaxing and it may be soporific in larger doses.

Despite their lower weight and potentially longer flowering time, Sativas are valued by many growers for their ‘high’ effect.

This high may be characterised as cerebral, energetic, creative, giggly or even psychedelic. It is less overpowering than the indica ‘stone’, and less likely to send the user to sleep.
We recommend researching what effect you would like to achieve. Each strain has different affects, and each strain affects each individual differently. Our Rollsteen Multi-pack is perfect for someone that is seeking their Caring Kind strain of choice. In the Multi-Pack you will find one hand roll of each our five most popular strains, it also has tasting notes to assist with your experience. Start with small doses and lower THC testing strains to begin with. Relax have fun with it, share your experience with other people that are new to cannabis, ask questions!
THC will give you an euphoric, psychoactive effect, that is more mind based
CBD is non-psychotropic, relaxing, calming, more body based.
Terpenes are the chemical compounds that make a certain smell in each cannabis strain. Each terpene has different effects on the body and mind.

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