Indoor Grown

Caring Kind Cannabis is grown indoors using our own specific proprietary processes. Each plant is prescribed the perfect amount of care, hand-pruning, nutrients and water.

Cool Air

Our facility is designed to utilize the comfortable year-round climate of Santa Cruz City, the fresh filtered air is used to cool the garden and our offices.


Everything we use in the factory is Clean Green Certified. Our soil & water is reused. We package using biodegradable landfill friendly containers by Calyx.


We are passionate about producing cannabis that is of the highest quality. We believe that living soil grown cannabis produces richer terpenes, burns better, and has longer lasting results.

Caring Kind

Mission Statement

Cultivate, Manufacture, and Distribute the highest quality cannabis and cannabis products in the city of Santa Cruz, while using sustainable practices that ensure well-being to the Earth, customers, employees, community, and shareholders.

Caring Kind

Proven Process


First stage we take hand picked genetics and we give them the best love, care, soil, and nutrients.

Clones are given optimal temperature and lighting conditions in a clean environment.

Filtered, Properly structured water is used in all processes of the factory.

Continued monitoring along with track and trace allows us the ability to gauge how efficient our factory is running.



Alida VP of Operations
3 Bros Grows Dispensary

Caring Kind is a company that truly lives up to its name. They care and it is apparent in everything they do. We honestly couldn’t ask for a better vendor-retailer partnership as they are always stepping up to help us whether it is to go pick up trash in our community, or donate samples to help those in need. On top of all of that they have some of the highest quality flower on the market while staying true to their message of sustainability with biodegradable packaging and thoughtful design. Overall, Caring Kind Co is just that, a company who cares, by utilizing compassion and promoting sustainability.

Clinto Gartman, Regional Inventory Procurement Manager
Santa Cruz Naturals

Locally produced, Clean Green certified flowers and products. Along with exceptional customer service and on time shipments have made our partnership successful.

Chris Van Hook, Founder
The Clean Green Certified Program

Caring Kind has been a Clean Green Certified Member for the past couple of years and embodies the best of our grower/members... growing a high quality cannabis on the Central Coast Caring Kind provides not only top quality flowers, but also a hand made balm. Made from all organic ingredients and their own carefully grown Clean Green Certified produce.... and in a recyclable container. Fast acting pain relief. It just simply does not get any better!

Dwight P
General Manager, Curbstone Exchange

Caring Kind in my opinion is one of the best indoor cultivators in the state. The attention to detail during the growing and curing process is always prevalent in their final product. Not only does Caring Kind have the experience needed to produce high quality cannabis consistently time and time again, but they also are excellent and professional business partners to work with. I always have a jar of Caring Kind in my personal stash.

Our Cannabis

Caring Kind

Where to Buy

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Caring Kind

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