Caring Kind

Proven Process

First stage we take hand picked genetics and we give them the best love, care, soil, and nutrients.

Clones are given optimal temperature and lighting conditions in a clean environment.

Filtered, Properly structured water is used in all processes of the factory.

Continued monitoring along with track and trace allows us the ability to gauge how efficient our factory is running.

Caring Kind

Best Practices

Pest management:

  • Keep clean
  • Isolate
  • Spray every 2 days
  • Temperatures
  • Air flow
  • Prune and rotate often


  • Structured water, uses less
  • Capture run off, fed to chillis
  • Use chillis and nepenthe's
  • Run lights at night
  • Use outside air to cool hoods
  • Recycle all lights properly
  • Re-use all dirt via partner farm
  • All natural and organic
  • Process controlled/monitored
  • More usable product per watt

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